ritma01 ALritma is a high performance self-adhesive label applicator designed to be integrated into packaging lines where production speed and reliability are primary needs. ALritma labellers are based on an innovative mechanical structure which can match great sturdiness with versatility.

It is available in three versions, S, M and L, for label widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm. respectively. The label driving group has been designed to exploit the stepper motor features to the full, by guaranteeing an accurate label positioning even at the highest production speeds; the side access has made the web threading easier.

The label applicator is controlled by a powerful microprocessor, with a multi-language display and function keys, which allow for the running of advanced functions by relieving the operator from complicated mechanical adjustments and considerably speeding up the format changeovers.
In more detail, the following functions are available:
  • pre-dispensing adjustment in tenths of mm
  • speed adjustment by 0.1 m/min.
  • labelling delay adjustment in mm.
  • acceleration/deceleration ramp adjustment
  • storing of different labelling formats
  • automatic recovery of a missing labels
  • progressive and regressive pieces counter
  • automatic removal of double detection
  • shift register between product sensor and label positioning point
  • end-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
  • contact for connection to other systems
In addition to the sophisticated standard devices, ALritmalabellers can be equipped with an array of options which increase its range and performance:
  • supplementary unwind unit
  • powered unwind unit for larger reel up to 400 mm
  • hot foil printing unit
  • label sensor for transparent material labels
  • pneumatic and air-blow applicators
  • checking device for near end of reel
  • checking device for performed product labeling
  • no-stop electronic device for sequentially-placed applicators
  • control of automatic speed adjustment, via encoder
  • pre-set for serial Interface connection to a PC
ritma03 The characteristic feature of ALritmaT labellers are that it can integrate all SATO thermal transfer printing systems (and also DATAMAX and ZEBRA) that allow to print in real time batches, sell-by dates, bar codes, progressive numbering and graphics, etc., as well as to identify and decorate products by opening up an extremely wide range


FOTO1 The ALline labeling systems are automatically-operated in-line systems which can be configured for the labeling of cylindrical, elliptical or rectangular products; moreover, they can suit specific requirements, such as the application of tamper-proof seals or labelling of singularly shaped products.

All ALline linear labellers have equally been designed according to cutting edge designing criteria which, in strict compliance with CE regulations, make every machine suitable for even the harshest of conditions, guarantee great labelling accuracy even at high production speeds and feature a high degree of operator-friendliness, as the start and change-over operations are particularly simple and intuitive.

In more detail, ALline is based on the "built-in" philosophy, which means that all components are "included" in the structure/cabinet, well protected against dirt and accidental bumps. The cobalt blue (or stainless steel) structure is extremely sturdy and, thanks to its eye-catching design, it qualifies the whole packaging line.
The control panel is located in an upper position, well protected against washing liquids or product loss. In standard configurations, the optional safety cabinet perfectly fits into the basic structure, thus sealing the ceiling; its pantograph style doors are extremely ergonomic and considerably reduce the footprint.

The completely internal cable path guarantees simpler cleaning, improved protection as well as a cleaner design.

The microprocessor-controlled format change-over is coupled with minimum mechanical adjustments, which have been engineered so that every component can be repeatedly positioned in a simple and reliable manner and firmly secured during its operations.
FOTO7 Wrap Around Labeling Systems

ALline C is configured to apply wrap-around labels to cylindrical products, usually glass or metal jars and bottles containing foodstuff, as well as chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in plastic, glass or metal vials. Its compact base may be equipped with a side labelling head of the ALstep or ALritma series. With regard to products handling, ALline C can be fitted with several kinds of slats and belt conveyors, featuring different sizes.
It also comes with a wide range of products spacers, to be chosen according to products and performances. An array of devices are available for wrap-around labelling, all of which are suitable for both wrap-around labelling and in-phase labelling. It can be equipped with the complete range of options of the ALline series, as well as with all labelling checking devices. FOTO9
FOTO12 Front & Back Labelling Systems

ALline E has been configured to apply two front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars. Its basement can be fitted with two opposing side ALritma heads.

ALline E can be equipped with the handling and spacing devices used on ALline C, whilst specific orienting and stabilizing units are also available. As a standard feature, ALline E includes a state-of-the-art system which synchronises all its elements; not only does it make it possible to adjust the machine speed by means of a single potentiometer, but it also guarantees good quality labelling even during starting or stopping. In the Alline E the upper trestle is present even with absent cabinet, thus hardening the top stabilising belt for increased rigidity of the whole system.

ALline E can be equipped with some of the wrap-around units available for ALline C, thus allowing the labelling of cylindrical products.
FOTO17 Special ALline

ALline can also be specifically configured to meet special requirements. Multiple labelling in several positions, or the corner application of tamper-proof seals is possible thanks to the integration of extremely reliable and tested modular systems. The labelling of unstable cylindrical products can be performed by means of a special continuous or alternate-motion horizontal rollers conveyor.

Whenever high speed or range is needed, bigger, powered unwind units can be mounted; for speeds up to 500 p/min, the NON-STOP configurations, with automatic head activation, allow an easy roll change without having to stop the machine and with no reject for non performed labelling.
Thanks to their high modularity, all ALline systemscan be equipped with an array of devices, thus enhancing their range and performance. Such devices include the following:
  • micrometric adjustment for head inclination and revolution counters for adjustment handles
  • printing units for batches or sell-by dates
  • rotary infeed and outfeed tables,checking device for product flow (minimum infeed/outfeed)
  • checking devices for label presence, with automatic ejection
Thanks to its professional resources, ALTECH can provide a qualified technical advisory service for any labelling problem, developing designs for complete plants and offering guaranteed maintenance and assistance for all the installations.
ALsleeve - sleeve labeling machines, is a range of automatically-operated systems designed to apply plastic, heat shrink sleeves to provide body decoration and/or effective tamper evident seals on caps and lids for food, cosmetic and chemical products.

Sleeves are obtained from a flat, continuous tubing made of heat shrinkable plastic material (PET, PVC, Polypropylene) wrapped in a roll, which is first cut at a programmable height (or at a specific mark) and then applied onto the product with a synchronised mechanism activated by a product tracing photocell.

SLEEVE 2_PICC ALsleeve T - heat shrink sleever - is an original, extremely economical unit suitable for effective tamper evident protection of caps and lids for food, cosmetic and chemical products.

The unit cycle is controlled by a PLC, whose keyboard and display allow the operator to easily enter the operational parameters. It is equipped with a knife and a big unwind unit for rolls up to 400 mm of diameter and sleeves from 20 up to 150 mm lay flat (suitable for caps of 20 to 80 mm of diameter).
As an option, it can be fitted with a longitudinal perforation device, making it easier for the consumer to tear off the sleeve. The production speed up to 80 p/min is an interesting advantage, especially in relation to the extremely low price of the unit.

Under particular circumstances (relative low products and reduced speeds), it can also be configured for the application of full-body sleeves: such a configuration includes an optional transversal sleeve perforator facilitating the detachment of the upper sleeve from the lower decorating one. ALsleeve T is so compact, modular and flexible that it can be easily integrated into existing production lines.
SLEEVE 4_JPG The ALsleeve family is part of the wide range of self adhesive labelling systems of which ALTECH is a world leader manufacturer. Its particularly low prices do contribute to make it stand out on this sector's market.

Thanks to its professional resources, ALTECH can provide skilled technical advice for any labelling, decoration, sealing and identification problem, design complete plants an


ALwrap is a very simple & low cost semi automated label dispenser for low volume desktop wraparound labelling of cylindrical flat sided (non tapered) containers such as bottles, jars and tubes.

The unit is designed specifically for those applications requiring a low cost solution for labelling hundreds of bottles rather than thousands of bottles per day, where one of our larger jar and bottle labelling machines would be too much.

ALwrap features a simple yet robust label wraparound system, with the jar or bottle being manually placed between two sets of rollers where they will be sensed by mechanical sensor, turning the product whilst dispensing a label accurately on to it for full or partial wraparound depending on the label length.

The unit is designed to handle straight sided cylindrical plastic or glass containers between 65 mm (min) to 115 mm (max) diameter standard, although custom diameter ranges can be handled on request, applying labels up to 140mm leading edge. Typical apply times dependent on the jar or bottles diameter are around 2 seconds.

ALwrap features the following specification:

  • Manual loading and unloading of the products by the operator
  • Full stainless steel body with label unwind unit 200 mm diameter
  • Powered rollers to rotate the cylindrical products
  • Products diameter : from 65 to 115 mm Standard (Special diameters on request)
  • Product placement sensor
  • Backing paper rewinder with collection disc
  • Automatic label length detection
  • DC motor drive for rollers and paper handling
  • Typical sustained apply time -2 seconds- depending on label length.
  • Overall Size: 360 x 280 x 370 (D x W x H)


  • Front and back label application (labels made front & back on the same reel)
  • Application of a second label in register with an existing label (front-back labels on separate reels)
  • Please see also our INDUSTRIAL ALmatic desktop wraparound labelling system.